Squid Squad is an exclusive NFT community, composed of 5,555 of the sea's most beautiful creatures; Squids! Each squid is a unique 2D pixelated character who has been algorithmically generated, swimming around the Solana Sea!


What brings us together as a community is the ocean, so it is our duty to keep our oceans clean for the sake of the squids and for our future. For this reason, we have opted to give back. A proportion of ALL mint profits will be going right back into helping the health of oceans and its precious species. We will be donating and supporting overfishing conservation organisations to help make a substantial change.

If you are lucky enough to mint a unique Squid you will also receive the full intellectual property rights to your Squid. This applies to each and every buyer. 

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Squid Squad is moulded around the community, meaning you tell us what you want; we do it! Being a part of the Squid Squad family is one that keep on giving back. We plan to give back to our community in the form of prizes, giveaways, perks, royalties and much more exciting rewards for our special holders. 100% of ALL royalties that come from secondary market sales will be put into the "Squid Squad DAO" (DAO Community Wallet), where at the end of every week following the mint, the community will vote what is done with the money. This ranges from:

1) Sweeping the floor to add a deflationary aspect to the Squid Squad

2) Giving away products ranging from our merch, NFTS and SOL all the way to phones and cars

3) Donating to overfishing organisations

4) Buying other NFT’s, where the community picks whether to hold, sell or giveaway 

Check out the DAO page for more!!


07 - Rarities. Immediately following mint, attribute rarities will be released on our Discord and website initially, and then shortly after will be found on howrare.is

13 - Merch. Squid Squad merch will released exclusively to any verified holders of a Squids, including hoodies, tees, hats and many more ways to rep our community.

11 - Grape Integration. Squid holders can verify their status as a Squid holder and have access to a member only chat where verified holders of Squids can communicate!

09 - Charitable Donations for Overfishing Organisations. Giving back is an important aspect we cherish most here in the Squid Squad community. Staying socially aware of what’s around us and helping the place where our beloved Squids live is vital. For this reason, we will be donating

05 - Competitions. Our community members are what bring the Squid Squad to life. Therefore, to help everyone feel a part of the Squid family, we will be hosting competitions! Ranging from meme, fan-art and server emoji competitions, all with rewards going back to the winners of these, all before anyone has minted a Squid!

03 - Marketing. Growing our community is key and we will strive to build a strong, supportive and thriving community to give our Squids the family they deserve!

01 - Creation. Bringing our Squids to life is where it all starts, generating 5,555 of these unique squids which have been randomly generated from over 3 MILLION POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS, ready to set their way out into the sea

14 - Project Expansion. Here at the Squid Squad team, we are so extremely dedicated to creating an empowered community for now, and the future. Indulging in a world which is filled with creativity and innovation means a lot to us, and we are excited to see what the future holds for our community. More information is yet to come in the foreseeable future, including the likes of an Airdrop, a Squid Squad lore, and many more giveaways and the expansion of potentially our brothers of the sea. We plan to grow our ecosystem alongside our community to help reap benefits for our community in the long run. Here at Squid Squad, we are all ears, and always ready to listen to your guys input and we encourage you guys to help us with any creative ideas that may benefit our community, cause at the end of the day, we are a community and this is a team effort. BLOOP BLOOP.

12 - Giveaway’s. Our community members are what bring the Squid Squad to life, so we have decided to give back to you guys; our Squid family! To make our community reap the benefits whether you hold a Squid or not, we will be hosting giveaways for PS5’s, Xbox’s, IPhone’s, MacBook’s and many more goodies that you can win weekly!

10 - Fishing Net. 100% of royalties coming from Secondary Market sales will go into our DAO wallet. Community can choose to send money to the Fishing Net wallet, where Squids will be swept and burned.

08 - Marketplace Expansion. If you get lucky enough to mint one of our Squids, soon after our launch you will be able to Sell, Buy and Trade your Squids on solanart.io and other secondary market places!

06 - Public Sale. Launch 5,555 of the Squid Squad NFT’s to be minted by anyone, and everyone!

04 - Collaborations with other projects. Across the vast amount of projects on the Solana blockchain we really feel that collaborating with other amazing projects in order to give back to our community will help empower and grow both communities. This includes the likes of giveaways and more, so we can help our community - before they even get their hands on a Squid.

02 - Discord. In order to keep you guys notified and alerted with everything, the launch of our Discord is imperative. We find it very important to keep in touch with our community and what better way than through Discord, especially so everyone can familiarize themselves with the Squid Squad family and our amazing community!


Elmo  Community Manager


DJay Developer

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Discord Manager





Q: Where can I view my Squid Squad?

A: We recommend Phantom wallet as it is the most popular and common wallet for Solana NFTs. To view your Squid you can click on the NFT tab located on the bottom of the wallet.

Q: How many Squid Squads are there?

A: There will be a maximum of 5555 Squid Squads.

Q: What network is this on?

A: Solana

Q: Why Solana?

A: No gas fees and affordable for all

Q: What is the mint price?

A: The mint price will be 0.5 SOL, decided by the community 

Q: When is the launch?

A: We are aiming to launch between Late November to Early December. No launch time set yet but the team will keep you updated.

Q: Where will Squid Squad's be listed?

A: We will be listed on some of the top secondary marketplaces, we are working with all top marketplaces and will give an update once there is a confirmation.